Affordable Web Design and Development

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Hi! I’m a freelance Graphics and Web Designer based in Brisbane Australia. I offer beautiful and affordable Web design in packages. You can visit my website at What I can do: 5 prominent pages on your website A full blogging system E-commerce Membership and Paywalls Customize your website that reflects your brand Connect Google analytics […]

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Matured Age Student – You are not alone

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I used to work full-time but decided to pursue my passion. Quit working and decided to go back to Uni and study what I love doing. It is not easy to get through things everyday especially giving up the stability and every day you hustle to work on the side to support yourself for daily […]

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Road block, life and Soldier

The Journey of life
Never gets better
So I am writing this letter
Because no matter where you turn
There is a roadblock ahead of you
Waiting for you to stop
Or jump
Maybe keep digging in that roadblock
Until you see the light at the end of the tunnel
As they say…

But that light at the end of the tunnel
Are miles away
And by halfway
Your arms start to give way
Exhausted clinging to a hope
That maybe… just maybe
One last dig
It might be “it”

Then you find out…
In that same roadblock, you have been
Digging in
You see a glimpse of light
Only to find another roadblock ahead
But this time…
It is bigger
Then, you lose your confidence
You start shaking
Fear sets in
You’ll never get there…

Just like soldiers grazed by a bullet
You rest and you take the pain
You get up… wounded…
But you start digging again.
This time
With more determination
Resilience and

It’s good to be back

It’s good to be back here in my virtual space. I haven’t been back I don’t know for… ages. I miss this community! I have been busy at Uni, work, and whatever none-sense hell I’m doing. I only see few blogmates that are very active since I joined in this community but I don’t know I have only been back for like 20 mins.

Shoutout to

I hope you guys are still here and I just want to say hello and am back. To future readers and blogmates, hope to read your stuff too.

Silent Night

Silent night woman

The silent stars hid
Beneath the clouds
One whispers
I’m here
One roars, fighting
To be let out
But neither of them
Fought to be heard

One step forward
One step back
They danced
In the rhythm of a
A broken record
Over and over again
Filled with scratches
And worned out
Never to be played again

The stars get tired too
It withers and disappears
One silent night
Days, months, years
It succombs to its death
Longing for its love
To come

Runaway from love

I know there will come a time
That you have to let go
To walk away from me
Not because you want to
But because you had to

You love me 
The way I wanted to be love
You care the way I wanted 
To be cared for
But no matter how hard 
You try

I still end up running away
From love…

In the closet

From sketch to digital. 6 hours of work in time-lapse. The original character is by Turine Tran who is one of my inspiration for illustration. One of my assessment is to re-draw one of the art of illustrator who inspired me. i discovered Turine Trans’ artwork during my research and loved her works so this is the result.