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Now Accepting Design Projects.

Sirius Ink is offering 10% discount for first project!  Lately I’ve been really busy due I have been working on my website. I am happy to announce that my website … Continue reading

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Silent Night

The silent stars hid Beneath the clouds One whispers I’m here One roars, fighting To be let out But neither of them Fought to be heard One step forward One … Continue reading

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Maybe Someday

I. is something I can’t give you yet Love. is what I can offer now You. is someone I long for today Maybe Someday…

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Runaway from love

I know there will come a time That you have to let go To walk away from me Not because you want to But because you had to You love … Continue reading

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Do the right thing

Sometimes you have to give up One of the important things in your life Even how painful and hard it is Because you know it is The right thing to … Continue reading

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In the closet

From sketch to digital. 6 hours of work in time-lapse. The original character is by Turine Tran who is one of my inspiration for illustration. One of my assessment is … Continue reading

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Maybe and maybe not

Hi! Delete How are you? Delete Can we talk? Delete You’re right Delete Maybe we can work things out Delete I miss you Delete Sigh…

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Love is war

Love is war Either you fight or Just let go… Copyright © Ethel Beckett 2017 Image excerpt from free stock photo

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Broken glass

I am a broken glass No matter how much or How many times you Put me back together I will always be broken… Copyright © Ethel Beckett 2017

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What if?

You know what you are to me? A Star A dream beyond my reach But every time I see a constellation I trace it with my finger Hoping it will … Continue reading

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Not all cracks are visible

  This is one of my old poem from 2014. I am just re-blogging it for my new readers who missed out 🙂 She built her own tower With her … Continue reading

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28/09/2016 · 1 Comment

With perseverance comes perfection…

Curation of Best and Emerging Artists around the globe! With perseverance comes perfection… PBS Digital Studio Logo is the identifier of what the organisation stands for, who they are and … Continue reading

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Digital Painting Floki from Vikings

I am addicted to vikings and I love Floki even if he is bad sometimes… This project was slavery, it took me 2 days to finished but worth it! Digital … Continue reading

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11/06/2016 · 2 Comments

Let’s Play

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Wacom Copyright© 2016 by Ethel Beckett

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Surprise Illustration

  Tools used: Illustrator, wacom Copyright© 2016 by Ethel Beckett

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There are so many reasons why people become heartless but majority there’s only one reason for it, “Money”. Sometimes we are too focused on making money that we forget how to actually … Continue reading

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Buried Deep book cover

Please be advised that this book is a dummy one. I designed this book cover and submitted it for one of my assessment last year. The goal of this book design … Continue reading

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Winter Madness

A day and a half work of digital painting and a million of layers I finally finished it. I was supposed to just paint the girl but after that I decided … Continue reading

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31/05/2016 · 6 Comments

Aussie Punch!

  I was scanning my visual diary and I came across one of my kangaroo that I sketched. Supposedly I was going to use it for a beer bottle label … Continue reading

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29/05/2016 · 2 Comments

Psychedelic Winter

Psychedelic Winter: Seasonal Cover Tools used: Illustrator Copyright © 2016 by Ethel Beckett  

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